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:star: Winners of the point raffle are ~ :star:
1. #21 Grimmons117 :iconGrimmons117:
2. #3 Desert-Poppy :iconDesert-Poppy:
3. #18 Aurucia :iconaurucia:
4. #13 HalfInane-HalfMental :iconHalfInane-HalfMental:
Here's proof~
For some reason not all the links are working... Which is real odd e3e;
I'll send the points tomorrow cuz it's real late at the moment here!xD;

Also, I want to remind everyone that these are watcher only raffles. I'm sorry for acting selfish but for this one, I'll let it go. Those who don't watch me but have already entered, I'll allow it for this time only but I won't accept any further requests anymore.

:star: Winners of the sketch raffle are ~ :star:


I didn't get requests above 10 for the sketches soo I'm gonna do all of them~!<3

:star: Winners of the coloured drawing raffle are ~ :star:

Alrighty, so I added another full body drawing and chibi to this for the heck of it. x'D
Now this one is based on my own choices, Ones that I've actually felt like drawing. xD I hope that's not selfish like to any of you either. :iconhideplz:

Full body art winners: :iconmanatiki: and :iconpheonixaurora:

Coloured Chibi winners: :iconheirozen: and :iconnipha-nya:

Aaand that's all for these raffles~!:la: Thank you sooo much to all for participating!<33 Even if you haven't won, please don't be discouraged! There is always next time!>u< Don't give up hope okay~!?<33

EDIT: Uwaaah I'm surprised by the amount of people participating in my raffles~! Thank you so much guys~! :iconhyuugaplz: Now joining is closed! Also, welcome to the few watchers I just gained as well!C: I haven't posted much art or anything but I will try lol!XD

Sooo tomorrow my premium is gonna die, soo I thought I should do some last minute raffles!OuO It lasted for a whole year, sorta funny to me lol!XD
These are to show my appreciate for all teh pageviews, watches, favs, comments, and etc~ *u*
So first, I'll go over the rules, and then we'll begin~!^u^

:star: ~ Ruuuules ~ :star:

- This is for my watchers only, soo if you're not watching but wanna participate, you can hit the watch button. And I'd rather not want to deal with people who will only watch for these rafflse and then later unwatch me cuz that's just sad kndskjdsnf 
It's only for my watchers cuz I wanna show my appreciation to them~ ;w; For being awesome and all <33 
- Anyone is free to participate in any raffles, from all to only one. XD

... Aaand I think that's it. XD 

Raffle #1
The point raffle~!

So here's how it is~! I'm gonna be spending 200 :points: and there will be 4 winners who will receive 50 :points: each~!

:star: To enter, all you have to do is fav this journal~ :star:

And I'll use the random number generator to choose the winners~!>u<
It's easy to keep track that way. XD And a winner can only win once! If their number comes twice in the random generator, I'm not going to accept it and do it again. O3O 

Raffle #2
The coloured art raffle~!

So basically, a coloured picture one. XD I seperated this cuz there is gonna be a sketch drawing raffle after this!
There will be two winners for this one~

The two coloured drawing items that can be won are:

#1. One full body coloured picture with no background/or simple texture background.
#2. One coloured chibi picture with no background/or simple texture background.

:star: To enter, all you have to do is comment below with the character you want me to draw for you~ :star:

And I'll randomly choose. >u< Or use a random generator, orr choose some that appeals me. |D; 
Ahh I dunno XD But I'll do something~~

Some examples of coloured artwork:

AT - Jade Empress for SilverWinge by levenark 
AT - Spike Spiegel for Ukitakeslove by levenark
Contest prize for lEdogawa by levenark 
Contest prize for Grafixmahn~ by levenark

Raffle #3
The sketch raffle~!

Sketchess yay~!:dummy: Something that I'm actually good at//hit. ... I think.
It's sorta the same like the above one, with how to deal with and all. XD
Though, when commenting, please let me know if you're commenting for the sketch raffle or the coloured picture raffle! So I don't mix up. XD

So for the sketches, there will be 5 winners~ And each will get:

#1.  One waist-up sketch.

Some examples of previous sketches: ((These are all on Tumblr only, I'm sorry. xDD; ))

Aaand that's all the raffles, I believe. Not much now that I look at it. 8I; Ah well. XD

Raffles are gonna end... on the 19th of October, which is a Saturday. I might extend it or not. XD

Aaand that's all to this~! Thank you so much for reading!;u;


Sorry for being so ded

Wassup? ~ouo~ It's nice to meet you all who ever is visiting my page~!

Adoptable account : Levy-House ((<= Recently, I've been more active there. |D; ))
My dA family :
My Fangroup~ <3
Thanks soo much :icondreamergirlme: :heart: i'm very honored~

Join if you have time~
:iconanimevideogameheaven: :iconour-smile: :icond-t-art: :iconanime-gamer-club: :iconoc-canonworld: :iconanimexcreations:

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how r you
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--SKJFDNKJDSFN AHH IM SO SORRY ;A; I haven't posted much artwork but I'm still here!;v; I'm so sorry about being ded kjnfdskjndsfkjn
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Ajdahhahhahaggggghhh  goooood T.T (lies)
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